10 Facts about BTS member Jimin


Jimin is a South Korean Singer from BTS. He is 27 years old right now (07 March 2023). He is a musical Artist from korea. Lets talk about most important 10 facts about Jimin.

Fact no: 1

Recently BTS member Jimin posted a video to his Instagram account.The video has gone viral. Because Jimin was crying here.

Jimin Crying

Actually, Jimin wasn’t crying for any danger. He is on diet control so he can’t eat different foods so he gets very emotional when he sees the food and his eyes water.

Fact no: 2

Jimin is an Artist. He complete his education from Korean Arts High School. It is a private school. So Jimis is not from any poor family.

Fact no: 3

Do you know Jimin’s full name? If you don’t know, don’t worry i’ll let you know. Jimin’s full name is Park Jimin.

Fact no: 4

Most of us have seen a Korean movie “Train to Busan”. Do you know Where are Jimin from? Jimin is from Busan, Korea.

Fact no: 5

Growing up, he wanted to become a singer or a policeman. “If I was less interested in singing, I would have become a policeman,” he said in an interview.

Fact no: 6

The full team of BTS, Jimin is one of the hardest working members, according to his bandmates. He practices constantly every day when he has spare time.

Fact no: 7

 Applying eyeliner is crucial for him; without eyeliner, he said he is unable to dance hip-hop or have strong expressions because he gets really shy.

Fact no: 8

Everyone has his own unique favourite color and favourite things. Do you know what is the favourite color of Jimin? Jimin’s favourite color is two, blue and black.

Fact no:9

compared to others Jimin cares a lot about his skin, as he is known to have glowing, flawless skin. Onboard a plane, he tries to drink as much water as possible. He thinks skin care is a form of self-care, and tries to clear his mind by cleansing his face after a performance.

Fact no: 10

Jimin appears to be good friends with Jimmy Fallon, whose name sounds similar. When Jimin released his first self-composed song “Promise,” Fallon congratulated him via Twitter, saying, “Ooooohhhhhhh my man JIMIN with a solo jam!!I love it. Congrats! Your brother, Chimmy.”

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