200 planets were discovered last year

Scientists in space surprised by the discovery of some new planet in 2022. They discovered 200 new planets outside our solar system last year.

It is called a major discovery in the field of astronomy. At the beginning of last year, the total number of planets discovered outside the solar system was less than five thousand. But at the end of the year this number stood at 5 thousand 235. News from NDTV.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has played a major role in the discovery of exoplanets outside our solar system. It is the most powerful telescope sent into space after the Hubble telescope. But the Hubble telescope is now active. Researchers are getting new information from this telescope. However, after the start of the operation last July, the James Webb telescope is giving surprises one after another.

NASA and the European Space Agency spent $10 billion to build the James Webb Telescope, a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. The telescope is observing the universe using an infrared camera. It is located 1 million miles from Earth. NASA scientists using this telescope brought to the fore a colorful picture of the universe 1,300 billion years ago. Then the telescope detected signs of water on an Earth-like planet at the farthest point of the Milky Way galaxy. It mesmerizes the world with its unprecedented images of Jupiter. The purpose of this telescope is to study the life cycle of stars. Apart from this, it also aims to research the planets outside the solar system.

Picture: NASA

A NASA tweet said, ‘When we started 2022, the number of detected planets was less than 5,000. But at the end of the year it stood at 5 thousand 235. 4 percent of these planets are rocky like Earth and Mars. What will we get in the new year? We will find more planets.’

According to scientists, exoplanets can vary in composition and properties. Some of these planets are small and rocky. Similarity of earth can be found with these planets. The latest planet discovered last year is HD 109833b. It is essentially a Neptune-like planet orbiting its star.

Recently, researchers claimed to have identified two more water-rich planets. Although water has not been directly discovered on these planets; However, from its composition, scientists say, there may be more than half of water.

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