5 great hacks to keep your house clean if you have a pet cat!

Having any pet at home means special care for it. Pet parents have a special eye for the little member of the family. No more or why? This pet can remove all the tiredness and fatigue of the whole day in an instant! But if the pet is a cat, then the thought is a little more. Because cats shed a lot of hair, litter boxes and food bowls are messy to tidy up! Today’s article will tell you about 5 great hacks to keep the house clean if you have a pet cat.

How to keep the house clean if you have a pet cat.

1. Cleaning the fur

According to psychologists, spending time with a pet dog or cat at home increases the level of oxytocin in people, which helps to overcome depression faster. But when raising cats, the problem starts with shedding. About 70 percent of cat parents consider shedding to be the biggest problem with cat ownership. Cat hair scattered all over the house is not only annoying but also difficult to clean.

An effective solution to eliminate this problem is regular brushing of the cat’s fur. If there is no separate comb for the cat, a normal hair brush can be used. The loose hairs during combing will come out with the hair brush. And if the hair is too thick or big, you can trim it a bit. The cat can take care of it by itself. Because the cat cleans its own body. This can be done very easily if the hair is not thick or large. If the cat hair is spread around the room, the best way is to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Any areas other than the floor can be cleaned with tape or rubber gloves. If the fur is not properly cleaned, it can cause problems in the cat’s stomach. So be careful about this.

2. Use of litter boxes

He brought home a cat, how to get him used to littering? According to 68 percent of cat parents, this is the hardest part of raising a cat. But to keep the house clean, it is important to solve this problem! So first of all you have to prepare the litter box for the cat. Litter box can be bought from the market or made at home with a big bowl. When the box is ready put sufficient amount of sand in it. This litter box may need to be cleaned 3/4 times a day. But that depends on the cat’s usage. Clean the litter box with dust pan and brush . It is better to change the sand once a month and clean the entire box. But it also depends on the number of cats, size and litter usage. It may take some time for the cat to get used to using the litter box at first. If you use it for a few days, the cat will understand by itself. Once you get used to it, you don’t have to take extra trouble to clean the house.

3. Using disinfectants and air fresheners

About 60% of cat parents think that cat body odor spoils the natural environment of the house. And this problem is quite embarrassing. To solve this, you have to look at the cat itself. First, regular cat overgrowth should be trimmed. It will reduce the level of stench. Besides, vacuum cleaning at least twice a week will keep the smell away.

If littering on the carpet or floor starts to smell, it should be washed quickly with a disinfectant such as Dettol or Savlon. Many people use air fresheners at home to eliminate odors. This is also a simple method, but care must be taken to see if the cat is allergic to that scent.

4. Making a scratching pad

Having a cat in the house may make it more difficult to maintain cleanliness. Because sofas, curtains or homemade wooden furniture are not easily protected from cat scratches. There is really no way to stop cats from scratching. Better to keep the cat occupied with something else instead. One of the easiest ways for cat parents to protect furniture from cat scratches is to make a scratching pad. You probably have old foam or cardboard lying around your house somewhere. Make a scratching pad with it. Rubber balls or stress balls can also be used to attract attention. A scratching pad should be made by understanding the cat’s habit of scratching lengthwise or crosswise .

The habit of scratching can be reduced to some extent by clipping the cat’s nails. Regularly keeping nails short also reduces the chances of damaging the furniture. Many people do not want to cut their nails. In this case, the use of scratching pads must be increased.

5. Cleaning the bed with baking soda

As baking soda can do many things, it is also very effective in removing odors. Sprinkle some baking soda on the cat’s bed. This will help the cat to sleep better, as well as prevent odors from spreading from the bed. However, care must be taken not to overdo it. The night after giving the baking soda, the bed must be cleaned the next day. If it is not possible at night, then washing the bed thoroughly with 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda every morning will not be afraid of bad smell.

Cat is a very cute animal. A cat can make a bad mood disappear instantly. If this family pet has any problems due to lack of regular cleaning, then you will suffer. So regular cleaning is essential. Also, if the house is clean, you will also feel good. May your pet cat be well, along with you.

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