Addiction to technology is causing us danger, how to get rid of addiction to technology.

In today’s age of information and communication technology, everyone is dependent on technology. All without technology are immobile. As technology is benefiting us, it is also endangering us. You may not know how dangerous technology addiction is. Addiction to technology is no less than drug addiction. Everyone should use technology as necessary, but not be addicted to technology.
Today I will tell you how technology is causing us danger, and how to get rid of the addiction to technology, I hope you will read the completed article carefully.

In the previous era, technology was not so widespread. Technology is improving day by day. But one thing is that the things that have benefits also have disadvantages. Technology should be used to our advantage. Never get addicted to this technology. Because if you become addicted to technology, then your life will be destroyed. Again, without this technology, our life is stagnant. Technology is very important. Think about it, people used to travel on foot in earlier days. How much does it cost to travel? But now how many types of vehicles have been invented, all are possible because of technology. Now it is possible to go from one country to another country in a few hours. In earlier days, there were not so many instruments for operation. But now how many devices have been invented. Back in the day, 98% of people would die if they got a critical illness. But as a result of the advancement of technology, now advanced equipment has been invented, now people are getting better treatment. In earlier days news was sent by letter, now news can be received on mobile phone within moments. This is possible because of technology.

But many are spending more time on mobile phones, computer games, due to which they are getting addicted to technology. Nowadays it is seen that boys and girls are more addicted to freefire games, in villages, markets, on the road, boys are seen sitting with their eyes on mobile and playing games. They are becoming so addicted that they don’t get any time to eat, they stay up all night playing these games. Actually their life is dark. There have been many news that many people have gone crazy while playing freefire games.

Besides, many people have become addicted to mobile phones, they stay up all day and night chatting and watching videos. It’s an addiction, even if you want to, you can’t leave the mobile phone easily. Because you are addicted to mobile phone. To give a real example, a boy from our area applied for a defense job, passed the test. But he went to medical school and saw that he had problems with his eyes, because he used to play freefire games. There are thousands of such examples, addiction to this technology is the main reason. We should use technology for good. We should use as much technology as we need. The more you use it, the more addicted you become to technology. You will be in great danger. Like drug addiction, it is very difficult to get out. Similarly, it is very difficult to get out of this technology addiction. You can prove to yourself, whether you are really addicted to technology or not. If you are playing games on smartphone or chatting all night or music and online. Leave your smartphone for 1-2 days. See if you can. If you can’t, then I assume you’re addicted to technology. Get out of technology addiction as soon as you can. Because the destruction of your life is inevitable.

Advances in technology have greatly improved our lives. But no one remembers that I am addicted to technology. As I have said before that there are as many benefits as there are benefits. Technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable. But we can never misuse it. Because if you abuse you will be in danger. Technology will improve as time goes by. Think about it, earlier days mobile phones were just for talking, now those mobile phones have transformed into smartphones. Now you can listen to music, take pictures, play games with that smartphone. Earlier, a huge room was needed to keep the computer. Now it is smaller and can be placed on the table. Now it can be carried around in the bag. All this is possible because of technology. So we have to use the good side of the device.

Ways to get rid of technology addiction:-

There are many who want to get out of this technology addiction. That’s why you have to try. Everything is possible if you try. After that, I will now tell you some ways, if you try, I hope you will succeed. Those who are addicted to mobile games or chatting, computer games, but they cannot quit even if they want to suddenly. That’s why you have to gradually withdraw from all these. You need to spend time on the playground, and spend time with friends. And less time should be spent on these technologies than before. In this way, you can gradually come out of the addiction of these technologies. No one can get out suddenly. This is how you try to get out of technology addiction. People can do anything if they try, you will also try and you can get out of this technology addiction.
You may think that technology addiction is worse than drugs, thinking that it will surely help you get rid of technology addiction. Besides, those who play freefire games should not play these games. Because these games are very addictive. So these games should be brought to the attention of every parent so that their children do not play them.

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