Delete all the posts shared on Facebook with one click. Without any third party apps.

Many people like me have a habit of sharing a lot of memes on Facebook. By sharing these posts, one can see that one’s favorite ID has become like a Rasaloo magazine. Then it becomes very difficult to delete all the posts one by one. A new trick has come to Facebook to solve this problem. Through this trick all your shared posts will be deleted in one click. With the official Facebook app without any third party software. So let’s get to work without delay.

(Note: This method will not delete photos/videos posted on your own timeline. Only posts shared from other pages/IDs will be deleted.)

As you can see in the screenshot below I shared the video from a page. I am going to share with you the trick to delete such shared posts with one click.

1) First go to your profile and click on the 3 dots icon.

2) Click on Activity Log.

3) Click on Manage your posts.

4) Now select the posts you want to delete. As I want to delete all the shared posts, I clicked on All.

5) Once selected, click on Recycle Bin option below. If you want, you can archive or click on 3 dots to make all posts only me.

6) Click on Move to trash to confirm.

7) Done.. Your shared posts have started to be deleted. Posts will be deleted shortly.

Similarly, if you want, you can delete all videos/photos posted on your profile, comment in different groups, give reactions, delete video watch history and many more using this option. Hopefully you can do it yourself from now on.

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