Google Maps will now open on mobile with Android Auto while driving, just have to do this work

Google allow users using Maps on mobile devices when Android Auto is running car If you use Android Auto while driving a car, then this new update can be of your use. Be aware that users do not get the facility of the mobile version of the app while using Google Maps on Android Auto. However, now users will be able to use maps on both the screens at the same time.

If you use Android Auto on the dashboard while driving a car, then this new update can be of use to you. Till now, for the safety of the users, Google  did not provide the facility to use Android Auto on the car dashboard and Maps on the mobile device at the same time. At the same time, the new update for the users is that now maps can be used in a moving car and mobile at the same time.

Why is the new facility being introduced?

In fact , with the use of Google Maps from Google, this used to be a problem for some users. In Android Auto, users were able to get destination information only through voice commands.

Although, this was a special facility considering the safety of the driver, but the user had to face problems like wrong location with this feature. At the same time, along with adding the location through Google Maps on the phone, Android Auto can be navigated.

For which users was the facility already available?

It is known that users already get this kind of facility on Apple Maps of Car Play. With CarPlay, Apple can see the location on both screens on Maps. Not only this, more information is made available to the users on Apple Maps than before on Google Maps on the car’s infotainment system.

How is Maps on Android Auto different from the mobile version?

Actually only the necessary information could be seen on Google Maps for Android Auto. In this information, the user could only access options like ETA, turn-by-turn navigation, distance remaining and music control.

On the other hand, talking about the mobile version, the user is able to access many other information related to the location. Apart from toll price, parking related updates, air quality information can also be taken in the mobile version.

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