How to Make Bootable Pendrive for Windows 7/8/10/11

Every few months we need new Windows to keep the computer running. And today’s laptop computers do not have disk systems. So we need to make the pen drive bootable and install Windows. Today we will see how to make pen drive bootable very easily.

Pendrive can be made bootable in 2 easy ways. The first is a very simple method. But we can’t make pen drive bootable with mobile phone without Windows. Although many mobile apps claim to make pen drive bootable with that app. But I have personally used all the apps and none of them work. Therefore, to make the pen drive bootable, it must be done with a laptop or computer. Let’s see how to make pen drive bootable very easily.

Way No: 1 (by Rufus Software)

The easiest and most popular way to make a pen drive bootable is to make it bootable with software. For this you need a software on your computer. First Download Rufus Software.

Install and open this software then follow screenshots bellow.

Select your pendrive on Device option. Select your windows iso (img) file on Boot Section.

If your HDD or SSD is MBR then select MBR if it is GPT then select GPT. if you don’t know what type are your HDD or SSD then read this article or first select MBR, if not working or failed then select GPT it will not be harm for your pc or pendrive. If your HDD is MBR format then select Bios, and if your HDD is GPT format then select UEFI.

Then Click to Start.

It will take sometimes to boot a pendrive.

after completing 100% you can remove your pendrive. It was successfully bootabled.

Way No: 2 (by CMD)

Click search from your windows write cmd

Open cmd prompt for writing pendrive boot command.

Connect your pendrive to pc then write command step by step bellow.



list disk


Follow this

as you see my pendrive is on Disk 1 (size 3817 mb) my pendrive have 4gb space. If your pendrive is 8gb or 16gb or more. You will see 7000+mb, 1500+mb or more. You need to remember the disk number of your pen drive.

Now write command bellow

select disk 1

(as my pendrive is on disk 1 so i write select disk 1. If your pendrive is on disk 2 or 3 then you should write command “select disk 2” or “select disk 3

Now write this command



create partition primary


select partition 1


format fs=ntfs quick






Follow This

Bootable Done. now download and extract windows iso file by winrar. After extract you will see windows files like this (files can be different for different windows):

select all and copy this all files to your pendrive.

now your pendrive is ready to setup windows in any laptop or computers.

What can you do, how can you create a bootable pendrive if your PC Windows has completely shut down and you don’t have another PC?

If your Windows is completely destroyed and you can’t run your Windows, you can use command prompt to boot your pendrive and set up a new Windows.

How can you do it?

Click and hold “Shift” button then click “power on” button on your pc. Please hold the Shift key while the PC is not turning on. After on you will see

Click on troubleshoot

Click Advanced options

Click Command Prompt

Now follow Way No: 2 from up. How to boot pendrive by CMD

How to copy Windows files to pen drive?

You can copy Windows files from your mobile to pen drive. Because your pendrive is now bootable, just copy the Windows files here and it will be ready for Windows setup. So download and extract the Windows ISO file with phone or any device and copy it to pen drive.

You can use Zarchiver mobile apk for extracting windows ISO files.

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