iPhone users will see this special feature in WhatsApp, will get first class experience.

WhatsApp is used by millions of people around the world. In such a situation, the platform also keeps on bringing new updates for its users. Recently WhatsApp has been testing a new feature for Android users. With its help, you can send users HD quality videos. Currently, the company is bringing this feature to iPhone users as well.

WhatsApp is testing the option to send high-definition (HD) pictures on both Android and iPhone. Last week, the company was reported to be testing the ability to send HD videos and the capability was only available in beta to select Android users. Now a new report has revealed that the company is testing it for iOS.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out a feature for sending high-quality videos and enhancements for the profile icon under group chats. The update is available to some beta users via WhatsApp Beta for iOS .

How the feature works:

When a user sends a photo, a new tag is added to the message bubble, indicating that it is a high quality photo. Some users also noticed that the same tag is being applied to the video as well. However, the High Quality option for images preserves photo dimensions, while light compression is applied to videos. This means that this option does not allow users to share videos in their original quality.

How to set up the feature:

Also, the default option for any video like photos is always the standard quality and users have to select the high quality option every time they want to share a new video with better quality.

WABetainfo said that when users share a video using the WhatsApp high quality option, it will be marked as a high quality video in the conversation and a new tag will automatically be added to the message bubble.

Send high quality video in android:

Android users will see an HD button at the top of the box to send video. On pressing this button, users will get two options – Standard Quality and HD Quality, from which they can choose. Let the HD quality be more clear. Whereas Standard Quality uses less storage space and is faster to ship.

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