Low budget destinations: Empty pockets after marriage? Take your wife and visit this mountain village

There is no time to go hiking in the mountains. After a few months of continuous work, the mind is drawn to the mountains. But thinking about the pocket has to step back. And if you can visit the mountains at low cost?

Then definitely go. We have found one such place where you can enjoy the beauty of Eastern Himalayas at a low cost. And if you are newly married, then you can also choose this place for honeymoon. There are also opportunities for trekkers here. Thinking, where is such a place? Gurdum of North Bengal. Sleeping Hamlet is this Gurdum. If you want to trek Sandakphu, you can spend a night in this hill village.

Only 15 families live in Gurdum at an altitude of 8,000 feet. There is not much tourist crowd here. In that sense this hill village is still virgin. But when this Gurdum comes, you will think, why didn’t he come here. However, many of those who have already done the Sandakphu-Falut trek have come to Gurdum. Gurdum offers a different experience for adventure, trek lovers. Gurdum can be the best destination for those who want to spend some private moments in nature with their loved ones away from the urban noise.

This Gurdum is located in the lap of Singalila National Park. If you go to Gurdum in February-March, you will see a different picture. Gurdum has to go from Manebhanjan. When going to Sandakphu, many spend the night at Srikhola. Gurdum is on the way to this Srikhola. But understand how Gurdum reached? Along the way, the cloud will suddenly come and catch you. Everywhere the eye goes is surrounded by green. There are pine forests. And the call of the birds will come to the ears. In the meantime, you will see the red rhododendron blooming in the trees. Understand, reached Gurdume.

You can see rhododendron here only during spring. However, the pine forest of Gurdum is always waiting for you. And there is saujikhola. Saujikhola river flows through the village. From Gurdum, you can take a small trail to the banks of the river Saujikhola. Since the number of tourists here is limited, accommodation is also limited. Ezifiso’s backpackers camp has recently gained popularity in Gurdum. 15$ – 20$ per head with accommodation here. Apart from the backpackers camp, there are a couple of here. But it is better to book in advance.

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