Nail fungal infection! What do you do to get healthy nails?

Much of the beauty of the hands is related to the nails. Beautiful nails mean that beauty also shines in the hands. But how aware are we to keep these nails? The beauty of the nails is gradually lost due to many reasons such as regular water work, not cleaning the nails regularly, not trimming them, fungal infections in the nails. Along with this, problems such as nail breakage, yellowing, bacterial accumulation under the nail occur. In a word, nails become unhealthy. Is there any way to get rid of these problems and get healthy nails? There is definitely a way. But for that you need to know and accept some things. Let’s find out the do’s and don’ts to get healthy nails.

What to do to prevent fungal nail infections and get healthy nails

Keep nails clean

Dry your hands thoroughly after washing. Take care that no bacteria can accumulate on the nails. Because many problems start from germs and bacteria. Repeated washing of hands with water can cause split nails. So wearing gloves while washing dishes protects the nails. Be sure to dry hands thoroughly after working with wet hands. It will not cause dirt or bacteria to grow under the nails. To keep nails healthy , scrub around the nails with a small amount of body scrub on a clean toothbrush . But after washing your hands, you must dry your hands well. Then apply Vaseline or moisturizer.

Keeping cuticles trimmed and moisturized

Keeping the cuticles in good condition is an essential part of the nail care routine. For this the cuticle needs to be trimmed and kept moisturized. Trim around the nail cuticle with a nail trimmer. And you can use cuticle oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil or petroleum jelly to keep moist. Regular use of any of these will keep your cuticles healthy as well as your nails.

Follow a protein diet

Our nails are made up of a protein called keratin. And this keratin is available from foods like fish, nuts, beans etc. So the more we eat these foods, the better the nails will be. Many people take biotin and fish oil as daily supplements to adjust their protein needs. It is also good for nails.

Apply beige coat for protection

We don’t want our nails to go bad after a manicure while doing housework, right? So to make the manicure long lasting, you can apply a beige coat of nail polish on the nails. It will act as a protective layer on the nails and also prevent the nail color from getting discolored.

Trim regularly

Many of us grow our nails. Because of which I don’t even think about regular trim. But to keep nails soft, regular trimming is also important. Trimming the corners of the nails into a round shape with a nail file will also look good.

What not to do to prevent fungal nail infection

Don’t bite your nails

Many people have the habit of biting their nails with their teeth . This practice is very damaging to the nails. It also damages the nail cuticle. Dirt and germs easily accumulate on the nails due to repeated touching of hands. So to keep the beauty of the nails, the sooner this habit can be eliminated, the better.

Do not share nail care tools

Nail care tools should never be shared. You can also get fungus if someone who has a fungal infection or bacteria uses the tools. Such skin problems are easily spread from nail tools to others. So to prevent fungal infection in nails, this must be avoided.

Don’t ignore fungus or infection

Nail fungus usually looks like white or yellow spots. This spot appears above the nail. Infection of finger or toe nails can cause the nails to become discolored, crack and break. Infection can cause inflammation or pain around the nail bed, and many may bleed. Many people think they are caused by calcium and keratin deficiency. But this idea is not correct. If you have any such problem, you should go to the doctor without delay.

Don’t think of nails as tools

Many people do various things with their nails. For example, opening cans, cutting food with nails instead of knives, etc. Doing these things can easily break or crack the nails. And in this case, it does not take time for bacteria to grow under the nails. So stop thinking of nails as tools.

Why do nails break?

Nail breakage is a very common problem. There are several reasons for this problem. For example-

  • Repeated use of water or excessive work with detergents
  • If you use nail polish for a long time
  • Repeated removal of nail polish with remover
  • If there are various physical problems like thyroid, malnutrition, liver problems
  • If you have a fungal infection (thinning of nails, bad smell from nails).
  • If there is a deficiency of protein and vitamin C in the body

Home Remedies to Prevent Broken Nails

Apart from taking care of the nails, you should be aware of them so that they don’t break. The things that are done every day, they can no longer be left out. But if you are a little aware, the nails will be good, the nails will not break.

How to prevent broken nails with home remedies

1) Wear gloves before handling water. If gloves are not available, apply some Vaseline to the nails before starting work. Be sure to apply lotion or moisturizer after work.

2) Trim nails every few days. It will reduce the tendency to break nails.

How to get rid of yellow nails?

Nails have turned yellow after eating, and it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t been upset by that. This problem is also very rare, isn’t it? To eliminate this problem, massage lightly with lemon slices after eating. The yellowness will be reduced, and the spots will not settle.

Be careful with nail tools too

We use many types of tools for nail care. But due to not cleaning them regularly, the nails are also damaged. How? Because bacteria can accumulate in these tools. Which can lead to infection. So these tools should be cleaned regularly. And don’t even think about spending years with the same tools. Be sure to change your nail tools every few months.

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