Questions and Answer Episode 1


1. My phone supported 18w fast charge. Can I use 20w or more watt charger on my android, does it charge my phone fast?

Ans: No. You can’t use 20w charger on your 18w supporting mobile phone. Because if you use 20w charger, your phone will charge normally will not be charge fast. If your phone supports 18W then you need to use 18W charger. Even if you use a 65 watt charger, it will still charge like a normal charger.

2. How do I transfer data from my old Android phone to a new one?

Ans: you can easily transfer by Smart Switch app

You can transfer your all data. Also your call records and messages.

3. How can I speed up my Android phone when it’s running slow?

Answer: The phone slows down after using it for a long time Because many cache files accumulate on the phone Because they are not cleared properly, the fall becomes slow. If the mobile is shut down or restarted, some cache files and RAM are cleared, so restart the phone at least once a day to make the phone a little faster. And after restarting, leave the phone unlocked for 3-5 minutes and refrain from using the phone. Use after 5 minutes. Because as soon as the phone restarts, all the apps on the phone start restarting. Then the phone is a little slow.

4. How can I backup my Android phone’s data?

Ans: If your data is important and personal, I recommend you use Google Drive. Google will give you 15 GB of free storage after which you have to buy storage to get more storage. Also if your data is not too personal then you can use mega site very well, it also have an apk. It will give you 50 GB free high speed storage. Here you can keep backup by uploading any files, folders like Google Drive.

5. How can I extend the battery life of my Android phone?

Ans: You can extend your battery life by stop your all running apps. Your phone have some apps thats run all the time. You should stop this app. Tou can stop this by, open phone settings then search running apps or running service open and see which apps are running. Stop all apps that you don’t need to running. If you can not stop by this process, you can try stopping by an apk. Download Force Stop apk from playstore. Open force stop apk then select all the apps that you don’t need to running then click boost. It will required some permission, allow all permission then boost will automatically started.

6. How do I enable or disable automatic app updates on my Android phone?

Ans: Open playstore then click right top on your gmail short name. Click settings > Network Preference > Auto updates app. Then click Don’t auto-update apps.

7. How can I block or unblock a phone number on my Android phone?

Ans: open phone app then click on the number click on options you can see there block option. Click block.

8. How do I factory reset my Android phone?

Ans: Factory reset means you phone will reset all. Also format your phone internal storage. Reset means you phone will be like a new phone internally. So how can you reset? Open your phone settings search reset. You can see here reset options. Click Factory data reset then click reset. It will ask for your phone lock screen password or pattern. Then click reset. It will be reset. Some device maybe asking for your device account, like samsung device asked for samsung account password or a code that sent to your samsung account mail. Complete your verification then click reset.

9. How can i enable Developer Option on my android phone?

Ans: Open your phone settings. Then go to about device, About Phone or About. Then continuously click 5 to 7 times on Build Number. It will unlock your phone’s Developer Option.

Follow this Screenshot.

10. How can I prevent apps from running in the background and using up my phone’s resources?

Ans: Open developer options settings. Then find Don’t keep activities. Turn on Don’t keep activities.

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