What are mood swings and why do they happen? What is the remedy?

Munni has returned from the college picnic some time ago. Munni and his friends were waiting for this picnic! How many plans did they have for this day? The day was spent very happily with friends and teachers. The mother is waiting with interest, the daughter will come and tell the story of the picnic. When the girl came, before going to wash her face and hands, she talked to her mother with a smile, then her mood completely changed! Munni’s face is so dumbfounded. He pushed his mother out of the room and screamed, he didn’t have the heart to tell the story now. Mother is almost shocked, suddenly what happened to the girl? Why are you doing such strange behavior?

Sudden changes in mood, constant vacillation between good and bad mood, smiling face and angry face the next, these are the signs of mental illness. The name of the disease is ‘mood swing’. This mood swing is a very strange disease. A person suffering from mood swings may go through a series of conflicting emotions. The mind can go from good to a little worse, to a lot worse, to severe depression, to happy again – these can all happen in a short period of time.

Mood swings are not uncommon these days. Many people know about this and have awareness. Mood swings are more observed in females. Their mood swings are especially noticeable during the changing physical state, which occurs during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. During these days, a woman is mentally upset due to the hormonal changes in the body. And this disaster can give him mild or extreme mood swings. Since the period of the menstrual cycle is short, the mood swings of this period pass quickly. But pregnancy mood swings are naturally long-lasting, and can occur to extremes. So extra awareness is needed at this time. Not only the mother-to-be, her close people also need to be aware of mood swings. After giving birth, the emotional turmoil can remain and it is very scary for both the mother and the baby.

That’s why mood swings are not a one-eyed disease! Not only women suffer from mood swings, mood swings happen to men too. Constant mood swings that last for days can also be very common in men. It never needs to be overthought unless it’s too extravagant. That is, if these are short-term events, and if not very frequent, to worry.

there is nothing Mild mood swings are considered harmless. But if it’s been almost a week since the mood swings are confirmed, or longer than that you’re in danger of having these rapidly changing moods, then it’s time to worry! You need expert opinion or counseling in this regard.

Although seemingly harmless, mood swings can become terrifying. Sufferers even have thoughts of self-destruction in some cases. And so every person should take care of their mental health regularly. Even slight mood swings should be watched carefully, so that they don’t take most of the control of the mind unconsciously. Illness will occur, but efforts should be made to ensure that it heals quickly. Whether that illness is in the body, or in the mind!

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