What is MBR and GPT format in HDD or SSD? How to check HDD format?

I think before knowing what is MBR and GPT, we need to know how to check the format of my PC’s hard disk. And the first thing you want to know is how to check your hard disk is running on GPT or MBR.

How can you check?

Go to your windows search and search “disk management”

open disk management, you will see your all disks

Right click your mouse on the disc you want to know the format of..

click on properties

Click to volumes

see Partition Style GUID Partition Table(GPT)

So it is a GPT format HDD, your HDD can be MBR

What is MBR and GPT?

There are 2 formats for hard disk drives. One is MBR and the other is GPT, there are many differences between these 2 formats but the main function of these 2 are the same. They help us recognize the hard disk of our computer. Hard disk which partition starts from where it ends and much more. Example: Think the computer is a room, there are 2 doors to enter this room, one is MBR style and the other is GPT style. Enter this room through any one door. Here MBR gate is small and GPT gate is big.

Difference Between MBR and GPT:

MBR means Master Boot Record and GPT Means GUID Partition Table. Maximum capacity of MBR is 2TB but Maximum capacity of GPT is 100000000000TB

GPT is a Advanced form of MBR. Lets talk about MBR’s main weakness.

you can creat just 3 main partitions on MBR format but you can create 128 main partition on GPT. CRC function is available in GPT format whereas CRC function is not available in MBR format. The job of CRC is to repeatedly check the files that are on our drive to see if they are correct or not. Many times we see black spots appearing in our picture, or half of the picture is black. CRC function is used to prevent this from happening.

MBR is a slow format, GPT is a faster format.

So i think you understand what is MBR and GPT.

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