What is RAM and how does it work?


We all look at RAM and ROM while buying a mobile phone. The more of these the better. But have you ever wanted to know? Do they work on our phones? How does it work? If you want to know then you can do today’s post. Today I will discuss RAM. So what is the delay? Let’s start today’s post

What is RAM?

RAM is where your computer or phone stores various data including operating systems, browser tabs, programs. And that is why RAM is called temporary memory. And the reason it is temporary is that it will hold your data for a while. Not for life. And because of RAM, your devices can read, write and work faster.

Laptop RAM

How long is data in RAM? How does it work?

The most important thing in RAM is data. You need to know how it works. And how is this data deleted?

When you reboot your phone i.e. turn the device off and on again, all the data in the RAM is deleted forever. There is no problem with your phone if it is deleted. Because you can never store photos, videos or documents in RAM. That means you will not be given permission to keep.

RAM is designed as temporary memory only. And its main reason and main purpose is to make your device super fast and responsive.

What if you run out of RAM?

If you run a lot of files or programs, big apps at the same time then your RAM may run out. Because RAM is limited. Each device has a short range.

Running out of RAM can cause system slowdowns and app crashes.

If you run out of RAM you won’t be able to run your device. And apps on your device will also stop working. So always be careful about this. Fortunately, nowadays that caution is no longer necessary. Because when it’s getting close to running out of RAM, your phone will tell you by itself. But take these systems in old version phones.

How does smartphone RAM look?

RAM comes in different sizes. LPDDR is the most widely used in smart phones.

LP’s are full of low-power. It is used in modern smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Below is a pic of the LPDDR.

Smart Phone RAM

How much RAM do you need for your smartphone?

Only you can tell how much RAM you need. Because it’s up to you what you want to do with your device or how long you want to do it. If you use your device normally then there is no problem if the RAM is low. But when you do various tasks or browse websites and collect that data, it will be difficult. Stop, let me explain better.

If you find that you have multiple apps on your phone and multiple tabs in your browser, they will slow down your phone a lot. In one word you can say that your internal data is in RAM. If you want your Android phone to run smoothly and smoothly, you need at least 6GB of RAM. Then you can do everything very well. Like video editing, picture editing etc.

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