Which group of blood in the body has the greatest risk of stroke?

stroke” Just hearing the word makes the soul tremble with fear. This deadly disease strikes suddenly like an assassin. But knowing your blood type can tell you how likely you are to have a stroke. This is what the researchers claim. The research surrounding the optimistic medical community. It is thought that more research on this topic may lead to ways to reduce the risk of stroke and even prevent it.

A research paper published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Neurology sheds light on this. In that research paper, the researchers of the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) claimed that those under the age of 60 with group ‘A’ blood have the highest risk of stroke. On the other hand, the lowest risk is those whose blood is ‘O’ group.

It is known that the researchers tested 48 types of genes on about 17 thousand patients who had a stroke. All participants were between 18 and 59 years of age. It has been found that among those under the age of 60, those with blood type ‘A’ have a 16 percent higher risk of stroke. On the other hand, the risk of stroke is 12 percent less in case of ‘O’ group.

But why does this risk vary? It is not yet understood by the researchers, says neurologist Steven Kittner, one of the authors of the research paper. In his words, “We still don’t know why ‘A’ group has the highest risk of stroke. But perhaps blood clotting is playing a role here. There are molecules, proteins present in the blood as well as cells, they all have a role to play.”

Note that blood reaches the brain through blood vessels. But if the blood vessel bursts or clots in any way, a stroke occurs. In that case, the patient’s discharge depends on how quickly the patient can be taken to the hospital. However, if there is more information about the risk of stroke with blood group, it is believed that there may be a way to prevent this disease in the future.

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